Posted by: buddhikaprasanna | April 16, 2008


I watched The Day After Tomorrow. It was about Global Warming. It was scary.



  1. U R SERIOUSLY LAME DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thats how the nature will take care of its problems… ready or not it will come it will happen

    but dont be scared ….. keep up the good work

  3. are you from india? i am from indonesia. nice to meet you

  4. hi

  5. hi! I´m Turkish. I watched the film,too. It was wonderful. because it was about (Küresel ısınma)
    Global Warmin.It was affectingly…

  6. I love this film!

  7. OYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..where are yu prom????

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  9. You’re from India? great…
    I’m from Indonesia. about the day after tomorrow i think, that’s an interesting film for me….
    Nice to meet you…

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